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I believe we all need more community in our lives.
To become more resilient, sustainable, and better together

Last month, I shared a beekeeper named Dustin Bajer & his online community “Bee-Comm”. 
Interested in having bees and honey?

This month I am sharing with you one of Canada’s emerging tiny house builders.
We will cover:

  • Why I recommend them
  • Tours & links of their tiny homes
  • How to save up to $10,000 on their tiny homes.


There are numerous reasons why I like Stattonrock.

First off, they started as a custom home building company.
THEN they started building tiny homes under their “Simply Living” brand.
So you are getting experienced builders.

Second, I like Stattonrock Simply Living because they offer different legal options. 
They offer tiny houses as certified RVs, Manufactured homes, and Park models. 
Not sure what that all means? Read this article “The Secret To A Legal Tiny Home”

Third, I like Stattonrock as I can recommend them from a personal level.

  • One of their designers – Luca – attended my 2022 tiny house workshop in BC. (See picture below)
  • I went and toured their manufacturing facility. They had a bustling team of competent people.
  • And now they are offering my audience AND ANYONE READING THIS up to $10K off their tiny homes!
    (Just mention my name to claim your discount – Kenton Zerbin)

Are you ready to get even more excited?
Not only is Stattonrock offering my community up to $10,000 off…
…for every time this discount is claimed, they are donating $5,000 towards a FREE tiny home. 

For those of you who follow my work, I don’t only teach tiny house workshops
I also am the producer for a tiny house show, where we build and give away a tiny house for free. 
(You can enter to win the tiny house >>HERE<< )

So fourth, I really like Stattonrock because they are giving back to community.
Now, let’s give you some teasers of their models & your exclusive discounts:

  • $5,000 off their travel model – The Freelancer
  • $10,000 off their medium-sized & large models. Check out this tour of The West Coast
  • $5,000 off their Cove Model. Perfect as a mobile +1 bedroom or office.
  • $10,000 off their luxury park models. Like these two. 
  • Don’t see a model on their website you like? Go full custom and still get between $5,000-$10,000 off. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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Kenton Zerbin

(Kenton is a passionate educator for sustainable living who lives in an off-grid tiny house in northern Alberta. Kenton runs a wide array of workshops on tiny homes, sustainable living, and edible landscaping. He also does consulting and design for homeowners, communities, and businesses)


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