Is it possible to make money AND heal the earth?
Heck yeah!

I want to introduce you to one of my favourite clients – Deniz. 
Deniz has a vision – to turn his 34 acre home into a demonstration farm. 

He wants to grow food and create rich experiences for guests.
To make an income leveraging the land respectively. 

I started working with Deniz 1 year ago.
He flew me in, I assessed his land, clarified his vision, and I made up a design for his property. 

On that first visit we had 2 urgent jobs…
…to build a floating dock and a bathroom.

He was running his very first festival for 100+ people the next weekend!
(No pressure or anything!)

We built the bathrooms out of IBC containers.
(This way they are super-transportable + super easy to clean).

Here they are:
I am super proud of how they turned out. 

IBC tote shower

We built the floating dock out of pallets, water barrels, and cedar.
This way the festival attendees could visit the water without wrecking the ecosystem.
P.s. They were a fraction of the cost of a pre-bought dock. 

Just last week, I visited Deniz again.
This time we didn’t have an urgent festival so we got to focus on turning the design into a 7-year plan. 

Step 1 is to prepare the property for AirBnB opportunities.
We first did a cost/yield analysis on different stays.

For their situation, the best 2 options were bell tents and geodomes.

Next, we went and identified where to place them.
One is going into the forest, and another is going on a floating dock!

Air BnB

We low-balled a 50% occupancy estimate between April-Oct.
This creates over $60K in income in 6 months… With only ~$20K initial investment!

With the ball rolling to make income from his property, the next thing we did was set dates to run workshops to make it into a beautiful oasis of food, beauty, and fun!

One of the benefits my clients get is the option for me to bring my students to their site.
Then they get a task force of students to help build their property. 

Next spring, I will run workshops on-site and we will plant a food forest and build a pond.
There is a lot of strategy that goes into placing water features. Read a post on it >>>HERE<<<. 

Students will get to stay on this budding property, learn and see how we set it up, and get hands-on experiences… like how to use an excavator!

where to put a pond

If you are interested in attending, all you need to do is get on the waitlist.
I am building a new site – “Attainable Sustainable Academy”. Waitlisters get first access. 

Get on the launch waitlist >>>HERE<<<

If you find all this super inspiring and want me on your team to turn your property into beauty and income… contact me >>>HERE<<<

Your consultant & designer,

Kenton Zerbin
(Kenton is a passionate educator  & consultant for sustainable living. Kenton runs a wide array of workshops on tiny homes, sustainable living, and Permaculture. He lives in his off-grid tiny house in BC and does consulting internationally.)

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