Let’s be honest… 
The last few years have not been easy.
(“Character building” as grandma would say.)

Everyone has had to find ways to stay mentally healthy.
As a result, “Minimalism” as a movement has grown.

In this article, I am going to share:

  1. Minimalism: What is it & Why It Makes People Happier
  2. Our 3-Step Personal Plan Into Minimalism
  3. How You Can Start Living More With Less Right Now


Minimalism: What is it & Why?

Merriam-Webster defines Minimalism as: 
“a style (of living) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.”

Personally, I think minimalism is just good design. FIRST Set priorities & goals.
Then begin removing what is not helpful or necessary.
You can find a rich history of this being applied to music, art, and clothes.
But where Minimalism today is BOOMING, is life design. 

By setting priorities for life, people are deep cleaning their life for what matters.
More family time? More hobbies? More traveling the world? You choose.
All of it leads to more mental health.

So what is Minimalism? And why practice it?
Less “stuff” by intention = more of the rest of life.


Our 3-Step Minimalism Plan 

My girlfriend, Destiny, and I have a 3 step plan to reach our lifestyle goals.
And using a tiny house! 

Our goal is to create an abundant property for recreation, food, and experiences for others. 
Our eyes are set on the Okanogan valley and we have already begun our 3-step plan:

  1. Simplify and Save.
    We JUST sold Destiny’s 1200 sq. ft. house and moved together into my 260 sq. ft. tiny house. We have purged possessions, reduced our house bills to $8K/year, and are researching areas to potentially move to. 
  2. Move. Test Waters. 
    Next, we move the tiny house to the Okanogan, BC. We find a host where we can park the tiny house and dip our toes into the local community and land. We also save up for another year.

  3.  Buy Land & Begin Property Dreams
    Finally, with 2 years of savings, we buy land, move the tiny house onto it, and start building our forever home. As a Permaculture Designer and Consultant, I cant wait to make a beautiful oasis where Destiny and I can run several side businesses – education, recreation, food events, and Air BnB – and make the world a better place. 

To see where we are and to follow our 3 step journey you follow us on Instagram:


How You Can Start Living More With Less Right Now

Minimalism is a mindset, one that anyone and everyone can begin right now. 
It starts with reflection and intention. 

Marie Kondo would ask “What sparks joy?”… I would say “What do you want more in your life?”
Sit down with some paper and a pen, maybe a hot beverage, and start writing.
With priorities identified, a lifestyle can be imagined, and the journey can be reverse-engineered.
Then it’s time to start removing the “stuff” cluttering up your life and that journey. 

When it comes to financing the journey it can be tricky to “get ahead”, which is why I love tiny homes.
Financially, they are game-changing! No mortgage, itty bitty bills, and less stuff!

While tiny homes may not be for everyone, they are a great way to get ahead and into minimalism.
But most importantly they can help you reach your goals. 

Instead of living for your house, ask “How can my house help me live?”

If you are interested in owning a house that allows you to escape debt, save money, and speed-track your lifestyle, I invite you to sign up for ATinyHouseWorkshop.com.

Members get access to 18+ hours of videos on how to design, build, and live in a tiny house + an online community + a consult to speed track your journey to living more with less. Click HERE to learn more


Kenton Zerbin

(Kenton is a passionate educator for sustainable living who lives in an off-grid tiny house in northern Alberta. Kenton runs a wide array of workshops on tiny homes, sustainable living, and edible landscaping.)


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