“Ask and you shall receive.”
Hands down, this is the greatest life lesson I have received. 

I’m going to give you 4 personal examples.
The first is how I got my house! Here is the story:

It was 2015. I was traveling around the world teaching Permaculture.
My major project was working with the Government of Barbados & starting a school there. 

But I was getting tired. Travel takes its toll when you don’t have a home base.
And I WANTED a home base. 

…but I didn’t have much money. 

So I knew I was asking for a house for under $100K…
…for it to be super efficient. A house I could be proud of.

So I asked myself for a tiny house.  (I was going to build it myself.)
The ask made, one step at a time, I started doing what I could.

…I drew floor plans. Like 20 times over… (I even made a Gingerbread version TO SCALE!)
…I researched utility systems and products. (I wanted to be fully off-grid.)
…I looked for a team to make it possible. (I knew I couldn’t do it all alone). 


And something funny happened.
I kept asking. And it kept coming! 

While saving up money for a fancy trailer…
I found a used trailer on Kijiji… $1,200! A STEAL!

It needed a bunch of work… that’s a whole other story.

Then friends and family came out of the “woodwork”. 

  • My sister helped sand the Beetle kill pine wood… it took days!
  • My dad got his tool belt on a couple times and came out.
  • Friends came in ones and twos. Even a paint party! (Quality control alert). 
  • Four random plumbers came & my electrician friend offered to help.

It is a heartwarming community act to build a home together.
Just like cooking a big meal together. 

But the asking for help to achieve my dream tiny house didn’t stop there!

I asked companies for sponsorship…

About $20,000 came in!! Including a WHOLE Kitchen.
(Thank you KitchenCraft! It’s gorgeous!).

P.S. If you want to learn how to get sponsors, check out my Online Tiny House Workshop. 

My favourite though was my solar designer.

He rejected my offer to hire his company…
…Then offered to work for free!

(He wanted to learn from my project and spend my money doing cool shit). 

Pretty inspiring right?

Remember – Ask and you shall receive.
Disclaimer: It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN, as long as you work towards it. 



Now I am going to model this “ask and receive” thing… 

If you have been following my journey, you know I moved my tiny house this last spring to BC. 
But my contract is coming to a close this December…

…and I haven’t made a solid plan yet for where to park my tiny home next… 

Ask and receive right?

Destiny and I are asking for a new home base to park and live.

And we have taken the time to reflect:

  • We want to be within 30 min of a grocery store. Within 60 min of an airport. 
  • We are open to renting, or our host gets a “Live-In-Permaculture-Consultant”
  • We are looking for a place for 1-3 years. We plan to buy land when interest rates lower.

Now I have asked.
AND I have taken action by letting you know.

If there are no promising leads from my newsletter, then I’ll ask on social media, then ask with Facebook and Kijiji ads. 

If that “shotgun” approach doesn’t work, I will ask with laser focus.
I’ll look up farms that align with Permaculture. Then craft a killer email with a proposal.

Remember, ask and you shall receive.
But be clear, then take action. 


…Do you know a place in BC that would be excited to host a tiny house and permaculture teacher?
(Taking recommendations & leads from your network. Feel free to make an introduction.)

Comes with partner (Destiny), adorable small dog (Oskar), and cuddly cat (Mr. Moesby). 

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