“Ask and you shall receive.”
This is the greatest life lesson I have learned. 

Last blog post, I shared how I applied this lesson to make my tiny house. 

This time, I want to share how asking also works for relationships. 

…romantic relationships. 
…even work relationships!

I have learned both.
The hard way. And the good way! 

For example…
Once I was married. 

There was chemistry. There were shared interests.
Honestly, there were a lot of things.

However, I was not clear with myself who I really needed in my life.
Because honestly, I had never asked or answered the question.

Can you imagine someone putting up a job posting without clearly specifying who should apply? Or being hired not knowing exactly what you are getting into??

When I got divorced, I promised myself to learn from my mistake.

So I wrote a love letter to my future partner.
I told them exactly who they were and thanked them for it. 
(I know… I am such a sap). 

“Ask and you shall receive”, right?

Cue my partner – Destiny. z
P.s. She doesn’t know I wrote this letter for her… she sometimes reads my articles.
Otherwise, I’m saving this for a surprise.

And you know what…
… she is almost EXACTLY who I wrote my love letter to. (It’s almost eerie.) 

I invite you to write a love letter or a “job posting” for the relationship you need and want in your life.
Get specific. Like REALLY specific. 

Visualizing and ASKING is the first step. 

Then act.
(Destiny just didn’t walk into my life. I did have to start dating again, lol). 

Now I want to model for you again.
(Last article, I showed you how to ask.
And in 7 days, I got 4 new offers for a new property to call home).

Right now, I am looking for a new professional relationship.
I need and am ASKING for my first employee – a manager.

What for?

I am building a new website; an Academy to teach Permaculture.
We teach people life design and life skills like how to buy land, build a house, and grow food!

Here is a sneak peak of the website:

While I CAN do most of the tasks to finish and launch the Academy…
… I need to stop being a solo-prenuer and find others excited to work for me!

Here is who I am looking for:

  • They are a strong “integrator” to my “visionary”
  • They have experience with start-ups or operations management
  • They believe strongly in sustainability and are doers in it.
  • They have a diverse skill set so they can competently take on tasks such as administration, budgeting, sub-contracting, and marketing. 
  • They are go-getters! I need someone who will earn their keep out the gate and continue to build a company where they are rewarded for their results. 

And so I have asked…
… know anyone?

I am going to see what comes through the newsletter to start. 

You can forward this on to someone else.
Or reply saying “INTERESTED”.

Destiny and I are creating the job application right now.
I will email it to the list of interested people as soon as it’s live. 


Kenton Zerbin

(Kenton is a passionate educator for sustainable living who lives in an off-grid tiny house in BC. Kenton runs a wide array of workshops on tiny homes, sustainable living, and edible landscaping. He also does consulting and design for homeowners, communities, and businesses)

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