Last weekend I flew to a client’s property. 
They just bought their dream property. 60+ acres with incredible income potential.

In this week’s blog post, I am going to share:

  1. Why they did it
  2. How they did it
  3. How you can do the same. 

Meet Beck and Dan. 
They are on the edge of retiring and just took a huge step towards financial and lifestyle freedom. 

What do they want to do?

Turn their newly bought property into an AirBnB income machine + Permaculture Homestead.

To make a safe space for their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to thrive.
(Not only did they JUST buy the land, most of the family just moved there!)

Together they are going to maintain Air BnBs, build their homes, & begin a journey into homesteading. But their “why” is bigger than that…
They want to create a demonstration site. 

A hub for community, education, & holistic health


So how are they going to get there?

The journey is already well underway. 

First, they sold their suburban house in the city.
It was a ¼ acre lot with a 2000+ sq. ft. house. 

Then they found a piece of property off the beaten path in the country. 

Well developed. Beautiful. Undervalued. 

It came with a house of similar size AND 5 rentable cabins.
All are nestled into 60+ acres of riverfront property.

…and they bought it for the SAME amount they sold their other house.

You can check out their property and their current Air BnB rentals >>>HERE<<<

airbnb cabin


But the property isn’t all they want it to be… 

They want 2-3x the Air BnB sites. 
Grow food. Gain water security. Build more homes. Go off-grid. 

This is where I came in. 

First I got them connected with a surveying company.
Like a battle tactician needs a good map, so do we. 

Next, I showed them where they have water problems like erosion…
…And how to turn them into water solutions! Like natural springs.

I taught them how to survey and see their water patterns on-site.
Then taught them simple techniques to slow, store, and soak that water.  

Now instead of losing soil to erosion, they are creating water stores for their household, landscape, and Air BnBs to flourish.

Here is one of the simple but powerful “check-dams” we built together.

Check dam


Next, we broke down expansion goals to increase their Air BnB income. 

Together we created a plan on what kind of Air BnBs to build, where to put them, and how to create a “WOW” experience. 

With now a plan of action to improve their landscape and income stream, we set a plan for their family homesteading journey. 

The plan includes turning their:

  • Front yard into a Permaculture Orchard. 
  • Steep backyard into food terraces. 
  • Air BnBs into U-pick experiences. 

How inspiring is that??

I can’t wait to show you how this property grows!
I’ll be sure to write another blog post & also share it on Instagram >>>FOLLOW HERE<<<

Do you want to help us build their property and learn hands-on?
OR take an online course to learn how to buy and build your own dream property?

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Your consultant & designer,

Kenton Zerbin
(Kenton is a passionate educator & consultant for sustainable living. Kenton runs a wide array of workshops on tiny homes, sustainable living, and Permaculture. He lives in his off-grid tiny house in BC and does consulting internationally.)

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