If you know of me and the local and international work I do, you know I am all about inspiring people and showing how humans can be a powerful and positive force who live sustainably on this planet

Most of us don’t know how to live a sustainable life because we weren’t taught HOW TO. If education is the problem, then education is the solution… We can learn how to live with and within our physical landscapes.  

And what if we fed two birds with one seed? What if we simultaneously ensure that our kids receive the education we missed while as adults we learn how to improve our lives on this planet?

I am excited to announce that this is exactly what is planned.

Since 2011 I have trained adults how to create their own edible, sustainable, low work, and gorgeous property during weekend workshops… STARTING THIS YEAR we will be running these public weekend workshops at schools!

Workshop participants will first learn how to design, build, and plant a sustainable landscape, and then they get to practice the skills actually DOING IT! This way, the workshop participants get invaluable hands-on experience and a school gets an edible school yard

In 2018 we built a edible school yard for Brander Gardens Elementary! The lucky school for 2019 is the Edmonton Waldorf School!

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Kenton Zerbin

(Kenton is a passionate educator for sustainable living. He runs a wide array of workshops to help others – wherever they are at – so they can create awesome and sustainable homes, landscapes, and communities.)



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