Edible School Yards for Edmonton

If you know of me and the local and international work I do, you know I am all about inspiring people and showing how humans can be a powerful and positive force who live sustainably on this planet.  Most of us don't know how to live a sustainable life because we...

13 Types of Tiny House People

As a teacher of tiny house living, designing, and building, I have had the opportunity to witness Tiny House People in their natural environment... While you may think that there is a single group of people called "The Tiny House People", there are in fact sub-species...

How to Help Your Family & Friends Go Green

Family and friends can be the hardest people to change. Once you start to make big changes in your life to live sustainably, it’s hard not to want to share your passion and the benefits you are enjoying. And why not share it with the people closest to you? The biggest...

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