Hi, I’m Kenton Zerbin.
I teach people just like you real skills for down to earth living.

Hi, I’m Kenton Zerbin.
I teach people just like you real skills for down to earth living.

Over a decade ago I was a high school teacher passionately teaching the next generation of society, but everything changed when I asked myself “How are we really preparing students for life on earth?” That’s when I stopped teaching the government curriculum and I started teaching people just like you to create sustainable efficient homes, build edible properties and learn to live in balance with nature.

Mind blown! Kenton Zerbin was enthusiastic about everything from worm poop to food forests. It was amazing to be inspired and educated by such a charismatic individual.

Melissa Wilk

Fast forward to today and hundreds of students later and I couldn’t be happier. I live debt free in an off-grid tiny house that I designed and built, I design and install edible landscapes that provide free food for my local community, and I travel the world teaching people to reduce their footprint, live for less, and get more out of life.

Kenton is a great teacher, and passionate too! I was never bored. His workshop was full of amazing information… You will save countless hours of research! There is always more to learn however I feel like he covered way more than the average teacher could! Totally worth the money.

Jeff Creber

Along the way I designed edible communities and school yards that provide free healthy food and outdoor learning for anyone to enjoy. I started a Permaculture School in Barbados and was a consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture to help train staff and young farmers how to sustainably grow food, increase yields, reduce inputs, and revitalize a sector of their economy.

To reach the wider public, I began teaching sustainable living workshops for schools, universities, and municipalities.  And the last step has been to open public workshops so individuals like yourself could acquire the knowledge and skills to create an efficient home, nourishing food, and a sustainable lifestyle that you can proudly wear on your sleeve.

Kenton is a strong teacher with commitment, admirable energy and a well rounded expertise.

Geoff Lawton

Through our various workshops I will teach you how to connect to and live in harmony with mother earth, providing you with the skills and solutions you need to dramatically improve your quality of life while reducing your impact on our planet.

You can learn to live a wholesome, happy, healthy, abundant, sustainable life while improving our world, and working in harmony with nature. Join us today and become a vital part of the success, happiness, and health of your local community.

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